Choosing Arimatea Nebulonghi to organise a funeral in Milan and its surrounding area means being able to take advantage of a tailor-made funeral service, in full respect of the wishes of the family and of the deceased, and adapted to meet your financial needs.
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We offer a wide range of services and items, with all the benefits of over 50 years of experience, to help you choose the most suitable funeral to fully express your feelings and pay your last respects to your loved one.

Among the products and services necessary for organising a funeral in Milan in accordance with your needs, we offer a choice of coffins for all types of burial, transport services, and memorial items. Other traditional services include setting up the chapel of rest, dressing the body, floral services, obituaries and decorations.

Expenses related to the funeral are exempt from VAT and deductible up to a limit established by law.

In accordance with our stated values ​​of transparency and sincerity, we offer three types of funerals in Milan and the surrounding area:




The essential services to pay your last respects to your loved one with serenity and dignity. Our services include taking care of municipal paperwork, pallbearers for the ceremony, the coffin, a mid-range hearse and transport.




Our complete funeral services include embalming services, decorations, floral services, and the handling of all administrative procedures.

Our services include dressing the body, the coffin, flower spray, pallbearers for the ceremony, a rosette and gratitude notice, taking care of municipal paperwork, a premium hearse and transport.




A ceremony for those who want to commemorate the loved one’s passing with a funeral that also includes setting up the chapel of rest and cemetery services. Our comprehensive services include dressing the body, setting up the chapel of rest at home, at one of our funeral parlours, or at a healthcare facility, the coffin, floral coffin spray, rosette and gratitude notice, dealing with all municipal paperwork, table with register, pallbearers for the ceremony, premium hearse, transport, memorial cards, and gravesite preparation for burial or memorial plaque for entombment.


Types of burial: cremation, interment, and entombment.

We offer our expertise to best satisfy your wishes regarding the choice of funeral:

  • CREMATION This will be followed by the laying to rest of the ashes in a cemetery, entrustment to relatives, or scattering of the same.
  • INTERMENT In this case, the mortal remains, placed inside a coffin, will be laid to rest underground, buried in a cemetery.
  • ENTOMBMENT This refers to the placement of the coffin containing the mortal remains within a columbarium, a structure with designated niches.

Is it possible to arrange the burial of the loved one in a cemetery other than that of the city of residence?

In many cases it is possible to lay the loved one to rest in a cemetery other than the one in which the dearly departed was a resident; we will do everything required to satisfy this request, if so desired.

Is there a municipal fee for funeral services?

It depends on the municipality of residence. For example, there are municipal fees relating to funeral services for residents of Cinisello Balsamo and Sesto San Giovanni in Milan. Please call us for more information regarding potential municipal tariffs.

What to do in the event of a death at home?

You can contact us 24 hours a day for assistance. We will intervene promptly to provide for the preparation of all the documentation required by law, for the treatment of the body, for the eventual transport of the dearly departed, and for the arrangement of the funeral ceremony and burial or cremation.What to do in the event of a death at home

What to do in the event of death in a healthcare facility (hospital, clinic or nursing home)?

Your loved one will remain in the ward or room for a few hours of observation and will then be taken to the mortuary of the healthcare facility. Do not arrange to meet funeral directors proposed by healthcare personnel, and avoid anybody who approaches you claiming to have an arrangement with the healthcare facility: these are illegal business procurement practices that seek to exploit the vulnerability of the recently bereaved. There is no rush: you will need time to gather your thoughts, and when you feel ready, call us. We will be honoured to listen to your requirements and, calling on our decades of experience, we will be able to present a choice of the most suitable options available. Following our discussion, if you so desire, we will be able to arrange to meet in person at a time and place convenient to you.

We are at your disposal

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to organise funerals for all religious denominations and for secular funerals.