Funeral products

Our company offers a wide selection of funeral boxes in Milan and its province, with the possibility of choosing between different materials, styles and models. We will guide you in the choice and personalization of the coffin based on the type of burial chosen - cremation, entombment, burial - and on your beliefs and the expense you want to support.


Cofani funebri a Milano


Our company offers a wide selection of coffins for funerals in Milan and the surrounding area. We will guide you in the choice of the coffin based on your beliefs, the type of burial chosen, and the expense you would like to incur.
Trasporti funebri a Milano

Hearses and funeral carriages

At Arimatea Nebulonghi we use only hearses and carriages from our own proprietary fleet, driven by Nebulonghi employees. This ensures that the vehicles are modern and safe, and that the drivers, who undergo regular on-going training, are...
Urne cinerarie

Cremation urns

We offer a selection of cremation urns suitable for any type of funeral and adapted to your economic requirements.
Addobbi funebri

Floral service

Our professional flower arrangers will help you decorate the chapel of rest with fresh flowers and floral tributes.
Monumenti cimiteriali

Memorial plaques and stones

At Arimatea Nebulonghi we design, create and install memorial stones and plaques, headstones, engraved plaques, and so on.


To find all the essential products to create a basic or personalized funeralCALL US


Basic funeral

The essential services at a reasonable price, to guarantee a serene, dignified and compassionate farewell to the dearly departed.

Complete funeral

A comprehensive funeral service at a competitive price that includes services such as the dressing of the body, decorations, floral tributes and post mortem administrative procedures.

Personalised funeral

 A ceremony for those who want to honour the dearly departed with a tailored funeral that also includes setting up the chapel of rest and cemetery services, such as gravesite preparation for interment or creating a memorial plaque for entombment.