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We help families organise ceremonies in honour of their dearly departed

Nebulonghi funeral parlour and services

We accompany your family through all the stages of organising and carrying out a ceremony that honours the memory of your loved one, and that will help you find solace, with a range of options to suit your preferences and budget.We were the first company to offer funerals and funeral services in Milan and the surrounding area at controlled prices.

What to do in the event of the death of a loved one

Our proposals

1. Controlled-price service
2. Personalised service
Exclusive service


We can assist you in dealing with the paperwork related to a request for cremation.

Why choose Nebulonghi?

At this difficult time we are at your complete disposal, to help you to deal with all the practical aspects arising from the circumstances, bringing transparency and the proficiency accumulated over decades of experience.Our staff is at your disposal throughout all the phases of the organisation of the funeral, for legal and social security assistance, and to help guide you through any fiscal and bureaucratic obligations.

Testimonials of people who have used our services

We have been organising funeral services since 1968, operating as a Funeral Parlour for the city and province of Milan and in the wider region of Lombardy. Nebulonghi is not a simple funeral services agency, but a Funeral Parlour, with its own staff and vehicles. Nebulonghi has four branches in Milan, as well as a depository for vehicles and equipment. This infrastructure allows us to guarantee quality service, while keeping costs to a minimum.

How to contact us

Contact us on 02 66222895, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, or send an email to