We offer professional support for the preparation and publication of obituaries and funeral announcements in local and national newspapers and publications.
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Obituary Publishing Service

Obituary Publishing Service

We put our professionalism at your disposal to write and publish obituaries in the main national and local newspapers.

In Milan, the publication of obituaries in newspapers compensates for the fact that the municipality of Milan currently forbid the posting of traditional Italian funeral posters in the city.


The deceased’s family will be asked to provide the obituary to our staff two days before the funeral, by 6.00 p.m. For example, if the funeral ceremony is scheduled for 4 October, we will ask for the obituary to be provided by 6 pm on 2 October, in order to have it published on 3 October in the appropriate section of the relevant newspaper.

 An obituary written by the family of the deceased serves to announce the death of the loved one to the greatest number of people in the shortest possible time. The obituary will include personal details of the deceased and the location and date of death, as well as the location, day and time of the funeral ceremony.

Obituaries can also be written by other relatives or friends of the family. In this case, it serves to express their condolences to bereaved family members, performing a function similar to that of a letter or telegram of condolence, but with the addition of giving public prominence to the expression of affection.



Basic funeral

Basic Funeral

The essential services at a reasonable price, to guarantee a serene, dignified and compassionate farewell to the dearly departed.

Complete funeral

Complete Funeral

A comprehensive funeral service at a competitive price that includes services such as the dressing of the body, decorations, floral tributes and post mortem administrative procedures.

Personalised funeral

Personalised funeral

A ceremony for those who want to honour the dearly departed with a tailored funeral that also includes setting up the chapel of rest and cemetery services, such as gravesite preparation for interment or creating a memorial plaque for entombment.