We take care of interment services, offering a traditional burial with the interment of the coffin underground.
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IntermentAt Arimatea Nebulonghi we offer assistance and support for the administration of all organisational, bureaucratic and cemetery procedures related to the realisation of the funeral and the burial of the body by interment, ensuring a professional and dignified service.

Interment involves the burial of the coffin containing the body of the dearly departed underground in a cemetery.

The cost of interment varies from city to city and is established by the municipality in which the cemetery is located. For example, the cost of interment in the cemeteries of Milan is €173.75.

 Arimatea Nebulonghi recommend a simple coffin for an interment funeral. The coffin will only be in use for a limited period of time. In Milan, for example, the burial site in a city cemetery is only granted for ten years.

Arimatea Nebulonghi will take full responsibility for managing all the bureaucratic and documentation processes related to the interment. Our experienced staff will follow all the necessary administrative procedures to ensure that your loved one can be buried in the cemetery of your choice, in the city of Milan or elsewhere.

 Our staff will also take care of accompanying the coffin from the place of the funeral ceremony to the location chosen for the interment, be it a cemetery in Milan or any other location in Italy or in the rest of the world. The relatives of a loved one who was resident in the city of Milan, or who has passed away in Milan, can apply for burial in any cemetery in Milan, or request a transport permit to any other cemetery outside the city.

Arimatea Nebulonghi also administer applications for burial in the designated sections of cemeteries that are used for the burial of people belonging to specific religious denominations or ethnic groups, as well as for those who have died in particular circumstances. For example, there are Jewish and Islamic sections, as well as sections dedicated to military or civilian victims in times of peace or war, and to victims of organised crime.


Funeral and interment

Funeral with subsequent burial underground in the municipalities of Milan and its surroundings: don’t hesitate to call us  CALL US to find out more about this service.


Basic funeral

Basic Funeral

The essential services at a reasonable price, to guarantee a serene, dignified and compassionate farewell to the dearly departed.

Complete funeral

Complete Funeral

A comprehensive funeral service at a competitive price that includes services such as the dressing of the body, decorations, floral tributes and post mortem administrative procedures.

Personalised funeral

Personalised funeral

A ceremony for those who want to honour the dearly departed with a tailored funeral that also includes setting up the chapel of rest and cemetery services, such as gravesite preparation for interment or creating a memorial plaque for entombment.