Funeral services

We are at your disposal for the organisation of religious or secular funeral ceremonies in Milan and the surrounding area.
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Funeral services in Milan

Our funeral services begin at the moment of the death of your loved one and include the following phases:

1. Choice of funeral director and assignment of responsibility

Choice of funeral director and assignment of responsibility

The family contacts the funeral director and provides the required information, such as place of death, type of ceremony chosen and location and form of burial or cremation, on the basis of which the funeral directors provide a price estimate.

The price estimate for the funeral must clearly specify everything that is included in the price, including, where appropriate, any municipal fees. Municipal fees are highly variable, and depend on the municipality of reference, the type of burial chosen, the cemetery where the burial will take place, and the location within the cemetery.

Our company invoices all municipal expenses (such as cemetery concessions, municipal fees and official documentation procurement) at cost, without imposing any surcharge.

Once the estimate has been formally accepted, the relatives of the loved one will be able to confer responsibility to us for the duty of carrying out all activities related to the death and to the conduction of the funeral ceremony.

 2. Dressing and funeral cosmetology

Dressing and funeral cosmetology

The dressing of the body can be performed by you or delegated to our funeral parlour, where our experienced staff will prepare the body of the dearly departed with all due decorum.

We will take care of the loved one, giving the dearly departed a natural appearance, as if they are sleeping. These procedures are required to prepare the body for viewing by relatives and friends.

3. Setting up the chapel of rest

Setting up the chapel of restWe will prepare the room where your loved one will be cared for prior to the burial or cremation.

On the basis of your wishes, we will set up the chapel of rest in a private home or in another designated room (at a funeral parlour, hospital or clinic). The chapel of rest is the place where relatives and friends can visit the deceased to pay their last respects.

In accordance with the wishes of the family, we will furnish the chapel of rest with fabrics, lights, flower arrangements, chairs, and everything necessary to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for visiting relatives and friends.

4. Timetable of services

Timetable of services

We will coordinate the times, places and procedures for the funeral and subsequent burial or cremation with the civil and religious authorities.

5. Transportation


Our staff and our means of transport will accompany your loved one from the place of death to the chapel of rest, and from there to the place where the funeral service will be celebrated, and then on to the place of burial or cremation.

6. Conclusion


The ceremony ends with the laying to rest of the deceased.

The deceased may be laid to rest in the ground (interment) or within a columbarium or family tomb (entombment).

Alternatively, the body of the deceased may be cremated and the ashes subsequently placed in a niche in the cemetery, entrusted to the family, or scattered.

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Basic funeral

Basic Funeral

The essential services at a reasonable price, to guarantee a serene, dignified and compassionate farewell to the dearly departed.

Complete funeral

Complete Funeral

A comprehensive funeral service at a competitive price that includes services such as the dressing of the body, decorations, floral tributes and post mortem administrative procedures.

Personalised funeral

Personalised funeral

A ceremony for those who want to honour the dearly departed with a tailored funeral that also includes setting up the chapel of rest and cemetery services, such as gravesite preparation for interment or creating a memorial plaque for entombment.