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The Nebulonghi funeral service

Families need to create healing moments when they are grieving, to reaffirm the value of a life well-lived, to reflect on the relationships shared and to begin to restore emotional balance. We are available to help you decide on the best way to honour your loved one by organising a traditional or a personalised funeral service.


The funeral service

Whether it is a religious or secular service, we will be available to help you plan every detail to ensure that the service reflects your wishes, and that it is conducted with the dignity that is appropriate to the occasion. The funeral service starts the instant that your dearly departed passes away and includes various phases:

1. Dressing

The ritual of dressing the deceased has roots in ancient times. You can carry out this ritual yourselves, or you can ask us to take responsibility for it. In the latter case we can offer our experience in preparing the body, with all due dignity, for visits from family and friends.

2. Embalming and Cosmetology

We will prepare your dearly departed with a natural appearance; embalming procedures help restore a dignified appearance to the person, preparing the body for visits from their nearest and dearest. Cosmetology treatments can be carried out in any circumstances, but they are particularly recommended in cases in which death has caused significant effects on the face and body of the deceased.

For more information visit the Istituto Nazionale di Tanatoprassi and the Istituto Francese di Tanatoprassi websites.

3. Setting up the chapel of rest

The room where your dearly departed will lie in repose until burial may be situated in a private residence or in a structure which is designed for this express purpose. Friends and family may visit the deceased in this room.

In accordance with the family's wishes we can furnish the room with fabrics, lighting, plants, seating and whatever else is required to help create an atmosphere of meditation and reflection during visitation.

4. Organisation

On your authorisation we can liaise with the civic and religious authorities in order to coordinate the times, places, and manner of performing the funeral and the subsequent burial.

5. Transport

Our staff and our vehicles will accompany your dearly departed from the place of death to the chapel of rest, from there to the place where the funeral service will be held, and finally to the cemetery where you have decided to have them buried.

On your request we can also supply means of transport (buses and cars) for anybody else who would like to participate in the funeral ceremony.

6. Conclusion

The ceremony concludes with the burial inside the cemetery chosen by you for interment or entombment. Alternatively, the body of your dearly departed will be cremated and their ashes will be held at the cemetery, entrusted to the family, or scattered, in accordance with the applicable regulations.