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Death notices, obituaries and funeral notices

Funeral notices, and the traditional Italian posters announcing a death, play a very important function in the days immediately following a death. Their purpose is to inform the wider community of the loss of the loved one, and to give members of the community and neighbours the opportunity of joining the family in mourning during the funeral ceremony.
As well as indicating the name and age of the person who has passed away, the death notice provides detailed information about the date and location of the funeral ceremony. Death notices and announcements can be posted in specific places and in accordance with a specific procedure, which may vary depending on the municipality in question: registered Funeral Parlours and agencies help their customers to navigate the complex bureaucratic and administrative procedures required for the printing and posting of the death notices.
The municipal authorities of the city of Milan currently forbid the posting of funeral notices on the city streets. However, other towns and cities in the province of Milan allow the posting of funeral notices at specific sites established by the local municipal authority in question.
The Nebulonghi Funeral Parlour can provide support to the family in designing, printing and posting the announcements and funeral notices. The contents of the notice, both in terms of images and text, are entirely up to the individual family, and depend on the sensibilities of the family of the deceased. Our staff is at your disposal to provide guidance on what information to include in the notices and to offer advice on the most appropriate layout.
Nebulonghi will assist you throughout the entire process, from obtaining the necessary permits for the publication of the notices on municipal notice boards, to posting the notices (in the municipalities where the practice is permitted). Furthermore, Nebulonghi offers its wealth of experience to support the family in publishing obituaries and funeral announcements in the principal local and national newspapers.