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Obituaries are funeral announcements, of varying lengths, published in newspapers and magazines. They include the identity of the deceased, the time and date of death, and the names of the people who placed the announcement. In the city of Milan the publication of death notices in national newspapers is very common, given that the city does not currently permit the posting of death notices on public streets, as is the custom in many Italian cities.

The obituary can be written by relatives of the deceased. It is published in order to communicate the departure of their loved one to as many people as possible as quickly as possible, and to inform them of when and where the funeral service will take place.

As well as the family of the deceased, friends and acquaintances can also place obituaries in newspapers. In the latter case, the purpose of the obituary is to express condolences to the bereaved. The obituary performs a function similar to a letter of condolence, while being a public expression of their affection for the deceased and their support for the bereaved family.

The obituary can be paid for directly by the family of the deceased. Most national newspapers offer a paid obituary service, and can provide information detailing how to purchase the space and how much the service costs. Alternatively, the process of placing the obituary for Milan and the surrounding area can be entrusted to our company. In the latter case, Nebulonghi will only charge the cost price of purchasing the newspaper space, as reported on the invoice issued by the newspaper where the obituary is published.

For the city of Milan, the newspaper most commonly used for obituary services is the Corriere della Sera. Detailed information regarding payment methods and useful contacts can be found at Corriere della sera. Other national newspapers that publish obituaries include La Repubblica and La Stampa.

The procedures to follow for the purchase and publication of an obituary in Milan and the surrounding area may vary depending on the newspaper and the service under consideration. In general, the obituary is purchased before 6.00 pm two days before the date of the funeral. For example, if the funeral is being held on 4 October the obituary will have to be purchased before 6.00 pm on 2 October, for publication in the obituary section of the newspaper in question on 3 October. The obituary itself should be written with due care and attention, favouring a sober tone (without being cold or distant, given its personal nature and its message of loss) that takes the personality and beliefs of the deceased into account.