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Chapel of rest and funeral fittings

The chapel of rest is the room where the body lies in repose before the funeral and subsequent burial or cremation. In Italian it is called the camera ardente, or "burning room", taking its name from the ancient ritual of keeping a torch lit in the room where people's mortal remains were held before a funeral. The chapel of rest may be located in a private residence, in a public or private hospital, or in a structure specially designed for the purpose, such as a funeral parlour.

The chapel of rest fulfils a very important role: it is the place dedicated to prayer and meditation on the part of the mourners, who are given the opportunity to say their farewells to the deceased before the funeral. It is essential that the room is set up with great attention to detail, in order to create a discrete, meditative atmosphere that will allow family members, relatives and friends to honour their loved one and to process their loss.
In setting up the chapel of rest we make use of furnishings designed specifically for this purpose. The following are among the elements that typically make up the furnishings:

  • fabric screens, to cover the walls of the room and conceal the original furnishings, in order to create an intimate atmosphere that is more suitable to the room's current purpose
  • a table where the casket is placed
  • floral arrangements, funeral decorations, and plants
  • other funeral items, such as crosses, carpets, chandeliers, lecterns, and religious backdrops as appropriate.

In the difficult time following the loss of a loved one it can be onerous for relatives of the deceased to manage the practical tasks related to mourning with due care, and these include the various phases involved in preparing the chapel of rest. This is another reason why the task of setting up the chapel of rest is usually entrusted to the funeral parlour: they can take care of it alongside the other technical, practical and administrative procedures that the organisation of the funeral ceremony entails.

Nebulonghi offers its experience in preparing the chapel of rest, whether it is in a private residence, a hospital, or a public or private health care facility, making use of funeral furnishings that are in keeping with the type of funeral chosen, and the wishes of the relatives or of the deceased. As with our entire service, the preparation of the chapel of rest takes full account of the traditions, beliefs and tastes of the family, in order to ensure the creation of an intimate atmosphere to honour the memory of your loved one.