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Plaques, memorial stones and funerary art

Since ancient times the tradition of using memorial stones and funeral monuments has existed among peoples of a wide range of cultures. They are used to create a physical place where the memory of the dearly departed can be commemorated and honoured.

The funerary arts include artistic works designed as memorials and decorative elements. These are genuine, elegant, refined works of art that fulfil the role of commemorating the dearly departed, and can play a significant part in making a burial as dignified as possible.

Memorials and commemorative works to honour the deceased include cemetery artefacts created on commission by masons and professional craftsmen, possessed of the skill and artistic sensitivity necessary for creating refined, detailed statues. There is a wide range of themes the sculptures can be based on, and these ultimately depend on the requests of the relatives, family or friends of the dearly departed who commission the memorial work. The most common subjects include religious symbols, such as granite or marble crosses, statues depicting saints or religious figures, memorial stones, and commemorative plaques, head stones and engraved plaques, as well as full size memorial sculptures suitable for family tombs, votive chapels and niches.

Memorials, head stones and cemetery plaques can be personalised on the basis of the last will and testimony of the deceased, or in accordance with the wishes of the relatives and family members. They can be decorated with a ceramic photograph of the deceased, inscriptions in bronze or porcelain, and tomb accessories such as vases for flowers and holders for candles.

Nebulonghi, with more than 45 years experience as a Funeral Parlour, offers services for designing, creating and installing plaques, memorial stones and funerary art in general. We also create commemorative artworks, from the simple, such as plaques for cemetery or urn niches, to more complex works, such as family tombs or artistic sculptures.