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Writing a letter of condolence

Writing a letter of condolence is a widespread practice in the event of the death of somebody close to you, be they a relative, a friend, or a work colleague.
Letters and messages of condolence serve a specific purpose, which is that of conveying a message of comfort to the dearly departed's family members, expressing closeness, solidarity, and participation in the loss, with the embrace of a few words written from the heart.
The letter of condolence should be brief, always sincere, and adapted to the particular circumstances. Expressing your feelings with sincerity can bring comfort to the dearly departed's family members.
Declaring your availability to offer practical help if need be is a gesture that is greatly appreciated in a moment of pain and confusion.
If pre-printed condolence cards are chosen, it is always a good idea to add a phrase or a personal thought written by hand.