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Outlet: Funerals and Funeral Parlours

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The word outlet isn't just used to talk about a place to find products at reduced prices, but more generally it refers to an experience that is capable of responding to the needs of contemporary families who are looking for quality services and products at a reasonable price. Inspired by this latter definition of the term, in the context of funerals and Funeral Parlours, Nebulonghi offers its services to organise ceremonies that help families to honour the memory of their loved one and find solace, while keeping costs reasonable and transparent.
'Outlet' at Nebulonghi means helping you share your fondest memories of the deceased with friends and relatives, by organising funerals and funeral ceremonies that respond to each family's sensibilities, beliefs, and traditions, offering solutions that clearly indicate their cost and content.
Sharing: we were the first Funeral Parlour to create a online memory book section on our website (online memory book section link), where friends and relatives can share photographs, thoughts, and memories relating to the life of your loved one.
Diversity: we carry out ceremonies of any religious denomination, and civil funeral ceremonies. Our site is translated into different languages to improve communication with citizens of foreign countries who are resident in Milan and Lombardy.