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Funeral thank you notices

Funeral thank you notices are messages that members of the deceased's family send to relatives and close friends who have joined them in their grief during the difficult period of mourning. The thank you notices may be delivered in person or sent via telegram, card or flowers.
In drawing up the thank you card it is a good idea to remind the recipient of the message how important they have been in the life of the deceased and to express, in simple terms, your gratitude for their support at such a difficult time.
Once written, the cards thanking people for their condolences should be put in envelopes and sent to the recipients. It may be helpful to draw up a complete list of names and addresses of thank you notice recipients before sending them, in order to manage the messages in an organised way, thus avoiding any errors or omissions.
Thank you cards should be sent within two weeks of the funeral in order to thank all those who have participated in the mourning as soon as possible.