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Foreigners in Italy

    Foreigners in Italy

    Our company possesses the experience and competence required to establish contact with representatives of all the embassies and consulates in Italy.
    In the event of the death of a citizen of a foreign country in Italy, our staff will make prompt contact with the embassy of the country of origin of the deceased in order to prepare all the necessary documents.

    Any citizen of a foreign country in Italy is free to decide whether to bury their loved one in Italy or to repatriate the remains. Whatever your decision, we will be there to assist you in compiling and dealing with the necessary embassy and municipal paperwork.

    We will also help you organise the funeral ceremony in accordance with the customs, traditions and religion of your family.

    At the end of the funeral ceremony your loved one will be accompanied to the place of burial or cremation or, in the case of repatriation, to the airport.

    Nebulonghi will not apply any additional cost on the price of the airplane transport: we will invoice you therefore exclusively for the cost of the ticket.

    In the case of repatriating the body to the country of origin, we will help you contact a Funeral Parlour to accommodate the body on arrival.

    We would further like to remind you that cremation can be carried out in Italy. If following cremation you would like to repatriate the cremated remains, the urn can be transported by airplane as hand luggage.