Viale Monte Grappa, 2 Milano (Porta Nuova)
Via Alessandro Litta Modignani, 97 Milano

About us

Nebulonghi has more than 45 years experience as a Funeral Parlour.

Our aim is to accompany your family through all the stages of organising and carrying out a ceremony that honours the memory of your loved one, and that will help you find solace, with a range of options to suit your preferences and budget.

Nebulonghi was the first company, in 2009, to adhere to the municipal authority of Milan's proposal to offer controlled-price funeral services.

We are a Funeral Parlour, not an agency, and we use our own staff and vehicles. Our established infrastructure allows us to keep costs to a minimum.

We have four branches in Milan and the surrounding area, and a 400m2 depository for vehicles and equipment.

Nebulonghi follows all the latest developments in the sector and, where appropriate, utilizes new products and services, sourced from around Italy and abroad, to better meet the needs and expectations of contemporary families.